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Women’s Essential Relationships: Caregiving Aging Parents with Pam Reynolds

Episode Notes

Today we are exploring when we find ourselves in the caregiver role of aging parents. I’m there as so many of you are, or will be. Honestly, I used to dread this whole thing, but I'm moving into seeing this as a beautiful time, though not easy. Even if you aren’t currently caregiving for aging parents, chances are you know a friend who is. So, listen for a few nuggets to encourage and support them. Trust me, it will mean so much!

To help guide us through this change, I am talking with gal pal, Pam Reynolds. Pam is the author of Caregiving with Confidence: Taking the Guesswork Out of Caregiving. In which, Pam draws upon her extensive experience both personally and professionally. She is a Certified Aging Life Care Manager, Certified Professional Gerontologist, and Certified Dementia Practitioner. She has a diverse vocational background that includes assisted living facility and nursing home management, as well as owning a company that helped people age in place at home.

In this episode, we talk about:

Here’s a glance:

[5:01] Pam is an evolving Solid Sister who recognizes she needs other Solid Sisters around her. Her go-to color is light pink or a neutral color.

[9:01] Pam describes the slippery slope of caregiving.

[16:14] Pam became a caregiver for her grandmother when she was just a teen. She shares her life’s journey.

[20:50] Why Pam wrote Caregiving with Confidence and five tips for those beginning their caregiving journeys.

[34:36] Financial demands vary but it is essential to consider the cost of long-term care. 

[41:44] Pam explains how having the perfect plan is not always perfect.

[45:40] How much consideration should be given to the social needs of our aging parents?

[49:17] After 20 years in the Elder Care industry, Pam is pursuing Elder Care Law to advocate for those who deserve the best treatment. 

[52:44] The importance of self-care when providing care for others. 

[57:10] Perfectly Imperfect is the nail color Pam created to remind caregivers that it all starts with caring.

[101:50] In the Flip the Chip segment, Mary highlights Pamela’s top five tips (GUESS) for caregivers. 


“Identifying as a caregiver is the first step. It is one of the first hurdles we have to overcome.” — Pam Reynolds on @livelikeyournailcolor

“We shouldn't expect ourselves to become experts overnight in all these different areas.” — Pam Reynolds on @livelikeyournailcolor

“The long-term care funding sources that are government funded ... they don't favor aging in place. They favor the facility model.” — Pam Reynolds on @livelikeyournailcolor

“As caregivers we are so used to being yes-men and doing what everyone needs us to do, sometimes you are going to have to turn down an offer to hold your time sacred.” — Pam Reynolds on @livelikeyournailcolor

Discover more about Pam: 

Caring with Confidence: Taking the Guesswork Out of Caregiving

For more inspiration and fun:


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